Time To Wake Up And Play Up To The Competition!

With the final Opening Day @ Shea upon us and the hated Phillies sitting in the visitors dugout, it’s time for the Mets to step up their intensity and play like the championship caliber team they believe that they are. 


Anyone can win a series from Florida and with the starting pitchers the Mets faced, they should have won all three games to begin the season.  Then they go to their familiar house of horrors in Atlanta and get swept in an abbreviated series.  Don’t think that didn’t reinforce Atlanta’s good vibes about their offseason beliefs that they had closed the gap in the division. 

The non-alarmists will forever say “it’s still too early,” however, I look at a team that’s basically been a . 500 team for the better part of half a season dating back to last year and think that they better get it going in this series and defend their home turf.  It will not take much for the boo birds to appear and then can the “fire Willie” chants be far behind?  It may very well be early but Willie has a very short leash this year.  He will not be allowed to mis-manage away another playoff appearance and with Pelfrey going on Wednesday, Opening Day becomes a pretty important early season game.  Important to avoid an early three-game losing streak and important to send a message to the Phils and home faithful about putting last year in the rear view mirror. 

The season should be able to begin to develop a rhythm now with the Mets only having one more off day the rest of the month and their remaining home for 15 of their next 22 games.  Now is the time to begin playing well and put the rest of the NL East on notice!


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