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Cuddyer Provides Collins Flexibility

A topic not much discussed in the wake of the signing of Michael Cuddyer, is the lineup flexibility he provides to Terry Collins.  If you’re sold on Lucas Duda as your everyday first baseman, and I’m not, he’s going to have to show marked improvement against left-handed pitchers.  Last year, in what was clearly a breakout season, Duda only hit .180 in 111 at bats against lefties with only two of his 30 home runs coming against them.  If that lack of production against left-handed pitching were to continue in 2015, I would think that Collins would be wise to shift Cuddyer to first base and sit Duda against lefties.  The Cuddyer signing was an excellent one.  He lengthens the lineup, is widely regarded as a good presence in the clubhouse, provides lineup and defensive flexibility and bides time for last year’s first round pick, Michael Conforto, to develop in the minors and not get rushed through the system.  This was a move that instantly made the Mets a better team and the only downside is Cuddyer’s recent spate of injuries but that was not reason enough to not make it.  Oh, and he wanted to be here!  When was the last time we heard a player say that?  Now let’s just hope that we don’t see a repeat of last off-season, when General Manager Sandy Alderson made a quick early splash into free agency by signing Chris Young and didn’t make any other moves of significance thereafter.